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We deal with start-up companies as well as small families on their financial planning, budgeting, cashflow management and credit management. Tailor-made solutions depending on different situations and needs. Work with you, grow with you :)

TruFinancial is a partner of The Globe and Mail's Small Business Summit 2011 & 2012,

A supporter of the DAREaffair III happened on Nov 9,

A Supporting Business Member at the Wedding Saviours' Durham Region - 2012 to provide a Free Wedding Day for couples in need of assistance, Guest Speaker at the Power Expo on Oct 17 & 18, 2012, Organizing committee member of WORD11, a multi-platform blogging event happening in Aug 2011, Guest Speaker at InitiativeTO, Global Entrepreneurship Week Canada 2010, hosted by Cg6 Inc Guest Speaker at OnContact with an Entrepreneur, Global Entrepreneurship Week Canada 2008 and 2009 at Seneca College and George Brown College, hosted by Cg6 Inc

Official Sponsor of 2008 University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry Alumni & Friends Annual Golf Tournament

Official Sponsor of 2008 Bboy Unit Canada, B2DU

Official Sponsor of Graduate Lulu 2008, Cg6 Inc

Community volunteering include: United Way of York Region, The Healing Cycle

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