What is DNLM directory?

DNLM Directory (Delay No-more Listing Master) is a non-profit directory for overseas Hong Kongers. On this free platform you can buy and sell or recommend personal and even commercial products / businesses for free. DNLM also serves as a bridge that connects local Hong Kongers to overseas Hong Kongers' markets. Happy searching and sharing!
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Howdy everyone! 13 Mui here~

Born and raised in Hong Kong for the first half of my life, I'm cruising in the US of A for the second half thus far! Curiosity along with my ADHD allows me to become friends with like-minds all over the globe! Because of Covid and various geo-political reasons, I got to meet my friend from the Bay Area and started this project! Can't wait to link up all our fellow overseas HongKongers!

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Yo, Nam the Otaku here!

I'm an otaku who's half raised in Hong Kong and half raised in San Francisco. My favorite food is Hong Kong's cart noodle. I'm not good with words but I do hope this project can bring more overseas Hong Kongers together!


Our interview with Apple Daily (A pro-democracy and now-defunct newspaper that's shut down by the PRC authorities in 2021)